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Border Blades Figure Skating Club

Border Blades FSC Coaches

Border Blades Figure Skating Club has a wide range of coaches available to choose from. They have varying degrees of experience, passed test levels and abilities.

Check out each of the coaches listed to the left.

Things to note:

  • Each coach is free to set their own rates.
  • Each coach also sets their own schedule. Therefore they may not always be available all times there is ice.
  • It is not uncommon for a skater to have multiple coaches. One primary coach and then a secondary coach that may "specialize" in a specific type of figure skating.


When joining a BBFSC, we know that hiring a private coach can be a confusing step. Listed on the next page are some guidelines on what should be expected from the coach, from the parent and from the skater. Also included is a fee guideline on what our club feels are fair prices for coaches to be charging for private lessons.


Participate in club activities to encourage your skaters
Be at test sessions with your students
Be at competitions with your students
Communicate with skaters and parents on progress and or problems
- Send monthly bills (or more frequent, if wanted)
- Talk to skater about their goals for the upcoming season


- Know when your skater has lessons and be sure she/he  shows up on time
- Call the coach if your skater will not make a lesson  (minimum 24 hours notice)
- Talk to coach about competitions and test sessions for  the season
- Find out how much the coach expects the skater to  practice
- Pay bills promptly (net 10 days or sooner)
- Talk to coach about how much practice time is required  for the level the skater is at


- Know when your lessons are
- Be at the rink 15 minutes before the lesson time and on  the ice 5 minutes before the lesson
- Talk to coach about your goals for the upcoming season

Coaches Code of Conduct

At the start of each session, our coaches review and sign the following Coaches Code of Conduct. The BBFSC Board of Directors also verifies their USFS CER and Insurance compliance before they are allowed to give lessons each membership year.

Border Blades FSC Coaches Code of Conduct

  • I will arrive in a timely manner to scheduled lessons.
  • I will explain coaching fees, lesson times, competition fees and testing fees to the parents before I begin coaching their child.
  • If I must miss a scheduled lesson, I must inform the parents. If possible, before the lesson starts. I will notify parents after a missed lesson and explain why I was not there.
  • I will keep parents informed of student's progress and when appropriate meet one-on-one with skater and parent to set individual goals. 
  • I will keep parents informed of competitions, test sessions and any dates necessary to the sport of skating.
  • I will make sure the music box is turned off and locked before leaving the ice rink.
  • I will make sure the jump belt is put away after use.
  • I will not use tobacco/profanity around students.
  • I will not abuse, threaten or tease any skater. I will not talk negatively about any skater.
  • I will have skates on at all times during lessons, unless there is a medical reason why I can't. 
  • I will dress and behave in a professional manner at all times.
  • I will enforce the rules of the rink as well as the rules set forth in the skater's Code of Conduct. I will make sure that students are skating and not hanging around in the locker rooms and fooling around. I will also make sure all skaters are moving on the ice. 
  • If I have a problem with a skater's behavior, I will meet with the skater and their parents to attempt to resolve the issue. I will rely on the other coaches for advice. If the issue cannot be resolved, I will bring it to the board. 
  • I will coach only my students and under no circumstances will I coach or give instruction to another student without their primary coaches full knowledge. 
  • I acknowledge that any act of soliciting and/or perception of soliciting will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • I will encourage harmony, goodwill and ethical behaving among the skaters, parents, pros and rink personnel.
  • As a staff pro, I will participate in and support BBFSC activities.
  • I will comply with the USFS stated coaches registration and continuing education requirements. I will comply on a yearly basis and turn in proof of completion to the Vice President for verification on/by June 15 of every year. 
  • It is my responsibility to confirm approval/completion through USFS and CER and will work diligently to make sure my credentials are on the appropriate lists provided by USFS.
  • As a coach, I may skate on the ice for free, but skaters have the right of way at all times.