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Border Blades Figure Skating Club

Welcome to Border Blades Skating Academy!

Border Blades Skating Academy is our version of USFS/USA Hockey's Learn to Skate program. These classes build the basic skills needed to continue on into figure skating or hockey. 

We have two options for your skater: 

1) Border Blades Skating Academy: These are classes for the skater that is looking to stay with Border Blades and figure skating.

2) Learn to Skate: These are classes for the skater that will be more recreation and hockey focused. Great for those skaters who will eventually move to GF Hockey or are just learning to skate to skate with friends.  

If you have questions as to which class to register for, please email Pene DeMaster at

All skaters are required to register as Border Blades Figure Skating Club members. To join, please use the Join Border Blades link in the navigation above.

How to Join

From Snowplow Sam to Basic Skills to Free Skate, Dance and more! Learn to Skate is where it all starts. 

How to Join BB Skating Academy 

  1. Use the Join Border Blades link in the navigation above and make sure you choose "add a Learn to Skate membership" as you walk through it.  [Note: You are the account holder and your skater is the participant] 
  2. After creating your account/membership, you will be presented with program options to register for. Choose Border Blades Skating Academy. 
  3. If you have already registered with Border Blades for the current year [July 1st - June 30th], you can use the link below to register for the class. 


Current & Up Coming Classes:

Classes are scheduled Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday as ice time is available. Please watch the calendar closely for time changes or dates with no class. You may register and join a session at any time but we do not pro-rate the costs.

Skater Attire

Properly Fitting Skates

Tight Fitting Pants/Shirt [Nothing too loose]


Helmet is optional but recommended



Please contact Pene DeMaster at

Registration Listing

Border Blades Yearly Membership

Unless otherwise noted, Border Blades Figure Skating Club requires all participants to pay yearly membership dues. These dues are valid July 1 - June 30th. 

You also will need to choose one of the following: 

A Learn to Skate Membership if you:
are on the Ruby Blades Synchronized Skating Line and NOT taking private lessons
are on the Diamond Blades Synchronized Skating Line and NOT taking private lessons
are on the Onyx Blades Synchronized Skating Line and NOT taking private lessons
Border Blades Skating Academy and NOT taking private lessons

or a USFS Membership if:
you are taking any Private Lessons
are on the Sapphire Blades Synchronized Skating Line
are on the Emerald Blades Synchronized Skating Line

Please choose the appropriate options when registering.

Cost: $25/family for Members  |  $75/skater for Associate Members

2017-18 Membership Season

Registration Dates: 05/01/2016 to 06/30/2018
Start and End Dates: 07/01/2017 to 06/30/2018