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Border Blades Figure Skating Club


Border Blades Figure Skating Club is a volunteer run, non-profit organization. For it to succeed it takes everyone involved to do their part by contributing their time, skills and abilities to get the job done. In order to facilitate this, each member skater and their parent's/guardians are asked to volunteer for various jobs throughout the year (July 1 - June 30). For this season, BBFSC will be requiring the following commitment from each of its skaters and parents:

*5 Shifts per Skater. (if you have 2 skaters, it would be 10 shifts, etc)
- AND - 
5 Shifts per Skater for the Holiday Classic Competition

*If your skater is Border Blades Skating Academy ONLY your family is exempted from the volunteer hours.  If your skater is participating in any other Border Blades activity then your family is required to volunteer.

Tasks will be assigned to each shift. Shifts are first come, first serve. Shifts are approximately 1 hour in length. You will be able to register for whatever you feel you are capable of doing and instruction will be provided for all tasks as needed. Available Volunteer Opportunities and Total Volunteer Shifts will be tracked via the volunteer page on the website.

We encourage all parents to get their skaters involved as well. This is not meant to be a punishment or an added chore for the parents, but an opportunity for the parents AND the skaters to get involved and gain a greater understanding of the inner workings of the club. Being willing to socialize and help out your fellow members should be as big a part of the skating experience for the skaters as it is for the parents.

It will be at the sole discretion of the coordinator of each project to report on satisfactory completion of or failure to fulfill any volunteer shifts during the events and throughout the season to the board of directors for tracking purposes.

BBFSC would prefer to have the volunteers vs the money as it is easier and cheaper for all involved if member skaters and family fill the positions or complete the tasks as opposed to hiring someone to do them. If at the end of the season, anyone fails to reach their required volunteer shifts, they will be assessed $40 per shift.

Charges will be made after June 20th and your account with BBFSC will be considered "not in good standing with the club" until it is paid.

Other groups, such as Synchro, may require additional volunteer shifts. Please check with that group for any additional requirements.

Fundraising does not qualify for your Volunteer Shifts.

Coaches & Associate Members are exempt from these requirements.

If you have a Border Blades related event and feel it should be eligible for volunteer hours, please contact the board to get it approved.