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Border Blades Figure Skating Club

Submitting a Program Schedule

How to submit a schedule for creation on the website for your program.

1) Download this template: ScheduleImportTemplate.csv

2) Complete as many of the columns as you know. The only required columns are the Date, Start and End times. The rest will be auto-filled upon creation. 

Insure that you are requesting a copy of the current available ice times from the club president to insure that you only schedule your program during available ice time. 
Review all current programs schedules as well. Most of the time your program has already been reserved a slot, but is always good to verify.

3) Email this spreadsheet along with all your program registration information to

Please note that it can take up to 2 weeks for your registration to be built and the schedule attached. So please plan accordingly.



What if I need to make major changes?
Please re-submit a new file. The old schedule will be deleted and the new one uploaded in its place. 

What if I only need to change a couple dates or times?
You can email these smaller changes to for correction. 

Can I make my own changes?

Please contact the webmaster if you would like access to edit your own schedule. Depending on the program, this may be doable.