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Holiday Exhibition

Sunday, January 3, 2021

2:30 - 5:00 p.m.
ICON Arena Judd Rink

Photos and Videos

View or download photos from Kerry Ring Photography.   If you download multiple images, note that all photos are selected by default.  Click "Deselect All", then choose the photos you want before clicking "Download".

Thank you to Grand Forks Best Source for live streaming and announcing the Holiday Exhibition.  Recordings can be found below:

The show program can be viewed on our FaceBook page


Border Blades FSC will hold the Holiday Exhibition on Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 from 2:30pm - 5:00pm.   The Holiday Exhibition is a showcase of Border Blades skaters and synchro teams, and all club members are encouraged to perform.  This is a great opportunity for skaters to show their hard work and to cheer on other Border Blades skaters.  There is no cost to register.

The event is free to family and friends to attend, however due to COVID-19, the number of spectators per skating family will be limited.  We are monitoring the situation, and detailed event information and spectator limits will be posted closer to the event date.  Club wide COVID-19 information is available on the COVID page.


Skaters may perform one number (solo, duet, or trio) in addition to their synchro team number.  If skating in a duet or trio, each skater must fill out the registration form separately. 

Synchro skating teams will be performing and do not require skaters to register.

Registration will close at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 23rd.


Program music can be uploaded on the registration form. 

Everyone will also need to have a backup CD of their music in case there are issues with the uploaded files. You will turn in your CD at the front when you walk in the door.  Please make sure it is labeled with the skater's name.

Event Information

Check In

Please remember to have your skater check in at the main entrance on the Judd [by the pop machines] with a cd copy of their music. Programs will be available by the main entrance.

Locker Rooms

After you check in, there are certain locker rooms available for use.

  • If you line up on the pop machine side (Even number in running order) you will be in locker room 7
  • If you line up on the Zamboni side (Odd number in running order) you will be in locker room 9
  • Ruby, Diamond, and Onyx will use locker room 8
  • Sapphire and Emeralds will use locker room 6

Please no hanging out when in the locker rooms and remember to wear your mask. The locker room is to get ready and leave. No parents are allowed to go inside the locker rooms. There are benches to help put your younger skaters skates on outside the locker rooms.

Warm Up and performance

Skaters Pre-Juvenile and higher will get a 5 minute warm up at the beginning of each half. 

Skaters will enter the ice according to their their running order number:

  • Odd numbers will enter at the door by the Zamboni entrance
  • Even numbers will enter at the door by the pop machines

When lined up or not on the ice, all skaters must be wearing their masks. Masks can be removed and placed on the boards when skaters perform.


Each skater is allowed 2 guests. We also ask you to remember social distancing, and if able, to leave after your skater is finished to keep the numbers in the building low. The Exhibition will be on the Judd camera’s for streaming and Kerry Ring will be taking pictures.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Veronica Burke at 701-739-5297.

The Registration "Holiday Exhibition" is not currently available.


Please contact:

Veronica Burke

First Half

1. Ruby Blades 

2. Claire Hynek 

3. Penelope Sandness 

4. Annica Nelson & Kaileigh Martinson 

5. Halle Robinson 

6. Kinley Helgeson 

7. Madelynn Ruthig 

8. Willow Fish 

9.  Makayla Peters & Matea Betting 

10. Karlie Dunnigan 

11. Diamond Blades 

12. Ellia Bonifacio 

13. Izzy Clough 

14. Phoebe Burke

15. Addyson Leddige 

16. Ava Kuntz 

17. Madelyn Bugliosi 

18. Stella White 

19. Madisyn Amundson 

20. Olive Sadness & Mila Drago 

21. Onyx Blades  

Second Half

22. Sapphire Blades

23. Halle Solc & Havyn Boespflug 

24. Cassidy Anderson 

25. Mila Kuntz 

26. Adlee Kadrmas 

27.  Elly Kovar & Ellie Mcglynn 

28.  Emilia Helgeson 

29. Feebe Harlow 

30.  Ellie Neppl 

31.  Annie Rolland 

32.  Ava Parkinson 

33.  Olivia Paulette 

34.  Jaylee Weisser 

35. Julie Johnson 

36. Hannah Hynek 

37. Gigi Mooney 

38. Taylor McGauvran 

39. Alyssa Fulcher 

40. Ella Kadrmas 

41. Brianna Filson 

42. Emsley Palacino

43. Emerald Blades