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Synchronized Skating Team Pictures

By BBFSC Synchro, 11/11/19, 5:22PM CST


Hi Synchro coaches and Line coordinators!

We have scheduled team pics for December 3rd during practice.  Ruby's will have to come in on a none practice day.

Below is the tentative schedule for everyone.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions and then we can officially send info out to teams on Wednesday this week.

Diamond Blades-5:45 pm

Onyx Blades -6:15 pm

Sapphire Blades- 6:45 pm

Ruby Blades- 7:15 pm

All Synchro Pic-7:45 pm

Emerald blades-8:15 pm

I have attached a pdf of his order form but he will be getting us paper copies to hand out next week.

I also have his website link right here for you to look at his work.  

Let m know if you have any questions!