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Border Blades Skating Academy

BBSA is our Learn to Skate program. Following the same criteria set forth through a joint program of United States Figure Skating and USA Hockey.  You beginning skater will learn the basic skills needed to enjoy figure skating and hockey well into the future. 

BBSA Sessions

BBSA runs 3 sessions throughout the year.   Days and Times will vary with the availability of ice and holidays.  Sessions generally are:

  • Fall   [September - October]
  • Spring   [April - May]
  • Summer   [June - July]

Please Note: Skaters who have passed basic 2 and are interested in moving to Border Blades Figure Skating, may choose to do our Aspire class. Please visit the Aspire page to see if it is a good fit for you! 

Skaters may begin any time during the year. Typical cost is $90-125 per session and there are 1-2 lessons per week.   Each lesson is 30 minutes. 

Skaters may participate in area Learn to Skate competitions. Talk with the programs coordinator for upcoming opportunities. 

Skating Academy members are exempt from club volunteer and fundraising requirements. 

What's next?

When the time is right for your skater, the program coordinator will approach you and discuss the Aspire program and the next steps to keep moving your skater forward. The Aspire program is similar to Skating Academy in that skaters are still in small group lessons, but begin to combine their basic skating skills with figure skating elements. They will also have the opportunity to practice on some Border Blades ice time and sign up for lessons with a USFS coach. 

Fall 2022 Session

Fall Skating Academy runs September 8th-October 27th, 2022 

Days and Times
  • $

Membership Requirement

All Border Blades Skating Academy skaters must also be registered members of Border Blades FSC. This is an annual membership fee of $25. To complete this registration, visit the Membership page or use the link below to complete the registration, choosing Learn to Skate as the membership option. 

This membership allows your skater to enroll in Border Blades programs, but does not register them for Skating Academy or other classes.   If Skating Academy classes or registration is not currently available, you do not need purchase a membership at this time.

Summer Skating Academy is available to non-members, but they must be a member of a different skating club.

NOTE: Skaters in the Aspire Program cannot be enrolled in Skating Academy. 

Please read the membership requirement section before registering.

BBSA Coordinator

The Registration "Border Blades Skating Academy" is not currently available.