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Off Ice Jump Class

By EGF, 03/11/20, 4:15PM CDT


This is the first time a class like this will be offered and am looking forward for the opportunity to work with skaters specifically on their jumps and improve jumping abilities


WHY is off ice jump training important? Quickness and speed is first developed off ice, which are two necessities for on ice jumps. When skaters jump - they have all of a few seconds (if that) to complete their rotation(s) in the air before landing on the ice again. Learning a 'tight rotation' position off the ice can certainly enhance how fast those rotations are ON the ice - which in turn leads to stronger abilities to complete more difficult jumps. 


For further information, please click here! The link will show you the flyer, registration link, and also videos of what an off ice jump class will look like! 

The class will be split into groups based on current skill level:

3:45-4:30PM Axel + doubles will be the earlier time*

4:30-5:15PM Axel + singles will be the later time*

*split subject to change based on registered athletes.