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Aspire Program


The U.S. Figure Skating Aspire Program provides a solid foundation in figure skating through the development of athleticism and artistry, empowering skaters to be successful on and off the ice.

Border Blades Aspire Program (previously named Bridge Program) provides skaters with a transition from Border Blades Skating Academy into private lessons through the use of small group lessons and the option to practice and/or take a private lesson on Border Blades ice. Skaters will learn to train like a figure skater, from edge class to spins and jumps!

This class is for skaters who want to become figure skaters! Skaters should be able to skate at minimum, a basic 2 level (one-foot glides, backward 2 foot glides, snowplow stops). This class is not open to skaters who have already passed their pre-preliminary moves in the field test.

 Skaters will be divided into groups, based on level, to work on combining their basic skills with figure skating elements. 

Skaters will also have the opportunity to perform in our Holiday Exhibition and the annual Ice Show. 


2022/23 Aspire Program

Mid-Season Registration
  • Join Aspire, beginning Thursday, January 5th.
  • Cost to join is $125
  • To register, click on the "Aspire - Fall 2022" link below
Days and Times
  • October 2, 2022 - February 26th, 2023
  • Sunday afternoons, 12:45-1:30, 30 minute lesson with 15 minute guided practice.
  • Thursday evenings, 30 minute lesson (Begins November 3rd)
  • All dates, times, and locations can be found on the Border Blades calendar

Skaters may practice or schedule a private lesson, with a Border Blades coach during the below ice times. Private lessons are an additional charge and billed through the coach, at their private lesson rate. Information about each coach can be viewed on our coaches page. 

*Lesson availability, with private coaches may be limited, at this time

Practice Days and Times
  • Monday - Thursday 7:30-8:00 am.
  • First half hour of Saturday afternoon private ice.
  • Skaters can practice or take private lessons September 6th, 2022 to March 9th, 2023

Check Border Blades Calendar for private ice times and arena location

  • $250


Aspire Coaches

Lizzy Carlson
Brooke Ramlo
Mandy Erickson

Please read the membership information on this page before registering.

Registration and Membership Requirement

  1. Register for Membership with the club with one of the following membership options:
    • Learn to Skate - For beginner skaters who will not be competing or testing.
    • Introductory Home - For first year home club skaters who will compete or test at USFS levels, or skate on a competitive synchronized skating team.
    • Note: Summer Aspire is available to non-members, but they must be registered with a different figure skating club or Learn to Skate program.
  2. Register for the current Aspire program.


BBFSC Skating Director